Most people have a crease on their eyelid at the top of their eyeball. This crease varies from person to person, but it generally follows the curve of the eyeball to either side.

This is a normal eye. You can see there is space between the eyeball and the brow bone. When doing makeup, people will use the crease as a guide for transition colors and the crease color. They pack color into the crease and create a lovely, gradated effect or a nice, smooth smokey eye. Hooded eyes are a bit different.

This is a hooded eye. It’s almost as if the crease on a normal eye got turned inside out and there is excess skin laying on the eyelid. This makes it difficult to know exactly where to place eyeshadow as the natural crease of a hooded eye is on what’s called the mobile lid (the part that moves over the eyeball) and putting transitional shades there would look odd. However, with a little practice, it is possible to create fantastic eyeshadow looks with hooded eyes!

Finding a technique that works for you and mastering it is key. You can do a smokey eye that will elongate the eye and draw the viewer’s gaze to your outer corner instead of the hood of your eye. You can use matte shades on top of the hood to minimize the look of it. You can fake a crease by literally drawing one on (it doesn’t look crazy- I promise!). I will get more in depth about options for hooded eyes in a future post, but there are so many options for us out there. You don’t have to be afraid of using eyeliner because it will hide your eyeshadow. You don’t have to be afraid of the cut-crease technique that’s very popular right now. The first step is getting a set of eye brushes. They don’t have to be from Sigma or anything, but you need at least a blending brush and shadow brush. An angled brush, a crease brush, and detail brush are great to have as well. You also need to get eyeshadows that are long-wearing and with a good texture. Cream eyeshadows are a good choice, but there are powder shadows out there that are buttery and creamy. A primer on the eyelid will make a good powder shadow last forever. Morphe makes excellent shadows, MakeupGeek does as well. In the drugstore, Wet N’ Wild (a brand I used when I was 14 and hated because nothing lasted and everything was poor quality) makes amazing products now! Their shadows are fantastic. Go to the drugstore or your favorite online store and find a dark color you love, a very light color you love, and some color or colors that pop and stand out to you and you think would look nice on your lid. Just make sure the texture is good. Making sure the shadows don’t crease is super important with hooded eyes- we don’t want to add more creases and draw attention to them!

I hope you have a better sense of what hooded eyes are now. I will get into tutorials and tips and tricks in future posts.


Photo Credit: http://www.cvilleeyecare.com and venusknowsbest.com