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Hey Guys!

So, I thought I would just briefly explain where eyeshadow goes on hooded eyes for a very basic look. It is very important to use ALL the real estate between your lash line and your brow bone. If you just put the shadow on your mobile lid, no one will ever see it.

Eye Shadow Placement

This is an image of an eye that I added shadow to and I didn’t blend it because I want you to see the sections clearly. When you put any shadow on your eye, you must BLEND!! Blending makes all the colors come together and it makes your eye pop without making it look you have a ton of makeup on.

So, starting at the brow bone, we have our highlight shade. This can be shimmery or matte, whichever you prefer. But keep it out of your eyebrow. Then we have the transition shade which is usually a warm, light color that blends into the highlight and your skin so there are no harsh edges. Then we have the definition shade on the outer V, which creates a more rounded eye. It is essential to blend this color into the transition shade to make sure there are no harsh lines. Then we put down our accent shade. This can be any color. It can be shimmery or matte. A lot of people will say you should have matte colors in the center because it diminishes the hood. This is true; if you put shimmery shades on your lid, it can highlight the hood. But, as long as you carry the accent shade from the mobile lid to on top of the hood, you will have a gorgeous, uniform look and your hood will blend in with everything else. A highlight shade also goes on the inner corner to brighten the eyes and make you look more awake and alert. If your hooded eyes are accompanied by deep set eyes, like mine, and you have dark circles, it is a good idea to add a highlight to your inner corner. This can be the same shade as your brow bone or a different one, but make sure all colors complement each other.

I think that’s everything for now. Next we will tackle mascara.