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This is sort of an update to my last post about mascara. I have tried a few since then, so I thought I’d review them as well as a few I’ve had for a while. Most products I buy are drugstore and these are all drugstore. I have fairly long eyelashes, so I’m usually looking for volume over length and I’m always looking for a mascara that won’t get all over my hooded lid.


Let’s get started!

Maybelline Rocket Volum


This was my go-to mascara for the longest time. It really did make my lashes look plumper and thicker and I loved it. But, the wand was so big that most of the product went on my eyelid and I had to scrape it off with a stiff concealer brush. Then I started shopping around for other mascaras and I haven’t really used this one since.

Hood Status: Dirtaaaay

Maybelline Mega Plush Volum Express


I do not understand why the ‘e’ has been left out of the word, volume, for both of these mascaras, but whatever. I did not care for this one. The wand is bendy; it got to all my lashes, but I apply by sweeping up the lash and then blinking on the wand and I couldn’t blink on this one and it didn’t work for me. It also got on my hood.

Hood Status: Streaky, but not bad

CoverGirl LashBlast Bombshell Curvaceous


I don’t like two-step makeup. I am not a fan of long wearing lipsticks that have a top coat and so I bought this knowing that about myself, but thought I’d give it a go anyway. It’s not bad, but when I’m getting ready in the morning I don’t reach for it because I’d rather use a one-step mascara, but it’s a good mascara. Lots of volume and it didn’t really get on my hood.

Hood Status: Clean

L’Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes


I have tried basically all the false fiber lash mascara, except the new Physician’s Formula one, and they do not work for me. I just end up getting fibers in my eyes and I see no difference between them and a regular volumizing mascara. I recently tried the Too Faced one and it didn’t work either. So maybe my lashes are just fiber resistant or something. The fibers also got everywhere: on my hood, under my eye, in my eye, everywhere.

Hood Status: Little tiny flecks from hell everywhere

L’Oreal Miss Manga


We are now getting into mascaras that I love. This is a great mascara. It is super volumizing and it reaches all the lashes and it doesn’t really get on my hood. The one drawback for me is the bendy wand again. I need a stiffer wand. But I love this mascara and I still use it all the time.

Hood Status: Pretty darn clean

Maybelline Lash Sensational


I use this mascara all the time. It works wonderfully! It has two sides, one for the little hairs and one for the bigger hairs, and it gets every single lash and my lashes look fantastic when I use it. It does get on my hood and I find it difficult to use both sides on my left eye where I have to bend my hand weirdly to get at the lashes, but its a great mascara. I highly recommend it.

Hood Status: Not great, but other features make up for it

Nyx Doll Eye


This is my second most used mascara right now. It’s super black and it separates my lashes really well. As my lashes are going through the wand, I feel a tug as they get separated and I love that. I know it’s working. The wand is also pretty thin so it works well on bottom lashes and it doesn’t get on my hood much at all. Great mascara.

Hood Status: Not bad at all

Can I get a drum roll please?

L’Oreal Butterfly Intenza


This is my most used mascara. I love, love, love, love this mascara. The wand is flat! There are bristles on the flat side, but you sweep it over the lashes and it is not getting on your hood at all. It takes me no time to do my mascara with this and I can blink on the wand with no problems. I got the intenza because the butterfly wing is on both sides and I can flip the wand upside for my left eye instead of trying to figure out how to manipulate it around. This mascara also adds some volume, but not as much as my doll eye mascara, so if I have some time to get ready, I’ll use that one and if I’m in a hurry (always), I’ll use this one. I can not say enough about this mascara. Love it. There is a floral scent to it though and in the first few days of wearing it, I could smell it randomly throughout the day. You may not be into that. I’m used to it now and it isn’t a big deal for me.

Hood Status: Pristine. Completely. The bomb.com